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Project Black Project Black

Rated 4 / 5 stars


0mg how dare you make a modernized version of shakespear, because that was done once (AND CLEARLY ONLY ONCE) YOU ARE TEH SUCK FOR DOING IT. OMG PLZ KILL YOURSELF.

god people are fucking stupid.

anyway, you have DEF improved. I really like this. alot of work went into the visual style. I like the photoshop frames, as well as the jump-cut editing animation. (to the haters. this takes brains to do, just because he didnt free-hand animate the whole thing doesnt make this crap. Not everyone has had a career at disney. plz go die)

keep learning and keep up the work. cant wait to see your next thing, especially at the rate you are improving.

Stick Wars: Episode 1 Stick Wars: Episode 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

nice work!

dont worry about some of bad comments man. This movie had alot of good stuff going for it. editing, shot composition, and you did a really good job on the sound. Plus you had some really original ideas that i liked. Having a firm grasp on these concepts is key, and its clear you do. Keep working, and pwning!

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BlackCaliber responds:

Well thanks for your words of wisdom and tussin . Well anycrap, it really wasn't original. just an excersise to see how the hell you actually use flash. Next cartoon should be better. I'm thinking ninjas...